10 Cactus DIY’s to Try This Summer

Hey Guys! So as some of you may know summer is definitely my favorite season! I’ve always had a little bit of a thing for plants. When I was young we even had a small vegetable garden; then when I was a teenager I grew some plants to attract butterflies to our yard (Because I love them too!). Anywho, I have always loved having some things to grow and take care of so when cactus’ started getting trendy of course I jumped right on board! I mean, who wouldn’t?!?! They are cute yet prickly and pretty easy to take care of. This summer I have really been focusing  on doing more stuff that I love. I got to a point were I was way over busy and just kind of floating through life without working towards anything. So, I was thinking that some cactus DIY”s would be super fun to do over the summer. Without hesitation, I hopped on pinterest and pinned away! I was amazed at how many cute things there were! I won’t make all of these but I figured why not share them. I haven’t decided which one but I will definitely be making at least one cactus DIY this summer! Here they are if you would like to try one for yourself!

  1.  Cactus pillows/ plushies.  cactus 1Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a tutorial on these specific ones but it looks fairly simple if you know some basic sewing. You can find the maker of these  Here .

2.   Cactus cross stitch/embroidery.cactusembroidery

I don’t actually do cross stitch but I do know how to embroider a little so I was thinking I might do something similar to this but embroider it instead. You can find this project here .

3.  These cute little clay cactus.

clay cactus

How adorable are these! You can find the tutorial here .

4.   Cactus Lights


These cactus lights are so adorable! You can find the tutorial here .


5.  Cactus watercolor painting.


You can find the tutorial here .


6.   Cactus String Art.


This is one that is for sale on etsy here . I couldn’t find a tutorial for a string art cactus that I liked but I did find some tips and tricks for string art here .


7.  Glass cactus bottles/vases.


These are definitely a little more difficult than the rest of the projects on here but they are so pretty that I feel it would be worth the extra work. Learn how to make them here .


8.  Cactus Ring holder.


You can find out how to make this cute little ring holder here .


9.  Cactus Oven Mittens.


Learn how to make these here .


10.  Cactus embroidered denim.


So I couldn’t find the tutorial for this one. This is the website it came from but I guess it isn’t there anymore. I don’t think you would really need  tutorial anyways. It looks pretty simple. You just need to know a little about embroidery. It’s pretty easy to learn and there are a ton of tutorials out there!

Well that’s all I have for today!

Until next time!

❤ Victoria Michelle


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